For 25 years I traveled abroad experiencing new countries and making photographs of a world so very different from my own. Now I am making art in various forms and structures, mostly artists' books, using my images and other material given to me. I find great joy in reinventing my images and bringing new work to life.


My artist books use a variety of book structures. Some books allow a childhood or even a prehistoric monument to be held in the palm of a hand. The primary challenge is matching content--stories, prose poems, or photographs--with a well suited book design.


I explored many areas of the world and am humbled and grateful for those life changing experiences. My goal is to evoke wonder and joy from surprising and beautiful images. My personal work explores the world closer to me, often from within.


All my books and photographs are available for purchase, with a few exceptions. Please write to me using the contact form to discuss shipping options. Thank you for your interest in my work.

All photography by the artist except where noted.

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